New 10 Awesome Rebrands In 2022 That Actually Made Sense

No, we’re not talking about “Hootsuite”. That owl looks ridiculous, guys.

The best rebrands of 2022, as reported in an industry publication, were successful in enhancing the image of the companies they represented. The top ten rebrands included Lunchables, Bloom, Slug Club, Tuborg Squash, Houseplant, Leibniz-Keks, Wesson, Hot Pockets, Sprite, and Canada Dry. Though diverse in terms of industry and product type, these brands all benefited from refreshing their identity, whether by updating visual elements like logos, wordmarks, and packaging, or by evolving their messaging to appeal to new audiences.

New lunchables rebrand
New Lunchables Rebrand by JKR

The Lunchables rebrand by JKR, for instance, added depth and drop shadows to the company’s identity, making it more playful and engaging for both children and parents. Meanwhile, Bloom’s new packaging was described as abstract and premium, using die cuts to reflect the brand’s strain names and avoiding typical cannabis tropes.

The Slug Club refresh by The Collected Works stood out for its organic wordmark inspired by SCOBY and its flexible, fun, approachable design. Similarly, Tuborg Squash’s modernized packaging by Another and Everland retained core elements like the brand color and crown, but removed bubbles from the label to create a new, striking backdrop.

Houseplant’s refresh was inspired by co-founder Seth Rogen’s love of cannabis and design, expressing nostalgia through the color palette, typography, and product illustrations on side panels. The Leibniz-Keks refresh by Auge Design reminded consumers of the brand’s long heritage while modernizing the wordmark, colors, and photography.

Wesson’s refresh by Jackman Reinvents drew from the brand’s archive to create a resto-mod that stylishly reinterpreted the past and appealed to younger consumers. Hot Pockets got a branding refresh by Interact that peppered fun cartoon graphics onto the packaging and created an unapologetically bold new logo.

Finally, Sprite’s global rebrand by Turner Duckworth was praised for its superb typography, unifying the brand under one global identity, while Canada Dry’s refresh by Wedge drew on the brand’s long history to create a new, bold identity that honored the past while looking toward the future. Overall, these successful rebrands allowed these companies to better appeal to consumers and improve their market position.



Alex Hylton | Marketing and Branding Specialist

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