Here’s Why Your Company’s Brand Is So Important

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Businesses will always come and go, but brands will stay forever. — Alex Hylton

Yeah, I actually just now came up with that quote and I kinda like it because it’s true, and heres why:

A good brand can turn an average company into a household name.

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Marketing is a powerful tool that has the power to transform a company from an unknown entity into a household name. A good brand can make the difference between failure and success for a company.

For example, take the clothing company, “Supreme”. What do we know about them? They opened in 2019 as a premiere and exclusive clothing company that was purely a well-marketed brand. After being a company for only 1 year, Supreme was bought by VF Corporation for 2.1 billion dollars. They were able to do this through building a ridiculously exclusive designer brand, targeting teens and touting the red banner logo that was seen as a badge of honor amongst the crowd.

Different niches require different marketing strategies.

You wouldn’t sell someone a couch and loveseat by letting them watch a presentation about it. You would want them to sit in it and picture themselves sitting in that couch at home. Why do you think furniture showrooms look and feel so homey? (Well, aside from the salesperson breathing down my neck…)

To build your brand is to sell an experience. If you can paint the perfect product for your customer, they will naturally trust your brand as long as you continue to paint that perfect picture. But what exactly is the perfect picture?

Customers need to agree with your company

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Remember when BP had that horrific oil spill that ruined their company image? Well if you don’t, it’s probably because they tried to rebrand after that in a ditch effort to save face. BP wanted to look like an environmentally conscious company, because they knew that people saw them as the company that harmed the sea and wildlife during the oil spill. BP’s customers began boycotting the pumps because of what happened to the sea animals and wildlife. It’s something that most people still haven’t gotten over 11 years after the fact.

Your brand is the face of your company.

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Have you ever wondered why so many companies choose to have a mascot as their brand? It’s because it’s so easy for us to remember a face, especially a silly cartoon face. It will get stuck in our minds. Pair that with an easy slogan and you have instant brand recognition.

Brand recognition is the ability to distinguish a product from similar products on the market. This is important because it allows a company to stand out from its competitors and it helps consumers remember the brand. It’s also one of the biggest deals when it comes to building a good brand.

Building a brand is important for your company and gives your customers something to remember when they tell their friends how good of a company you are. Your company's brand is not just about the products or services that you provide, but it is also about your employees, who are the face of your brand, and how they behave. When people think about your company, what do they think?

The Author:

Alex Hylton, Owner HY Design, LLC

If you’re looking for brand packages or graphic design services, you can reach out to me at or go to my website



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Alex Hylton

Alex Hylton, Owner of HY Design, LLC in Canton, Ohio shares his journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Sharing the tactics used to become successful.